Meet The Team

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Cecilia Olivares


"I was born in East Los Angeles and later moved to San Diego to go to school at UCSD. I come from a big family and they mean the world to me. I live now with my partner, Abe, and two cats named Oliver and Koda. In my free time, I like to play computer games and puzzle games to keep me occupied. I've worked for Dr. Chadkewicz for almost 6-months now and enjoy coming to work in an environment that is close and comfortable with both my co-workers and patient's. I look forward to meeting you at the office!"

Angela Lawson


"Hi, my name is Angela! I work for Dr. Chadkewicz as her receptionist. I recently moved here from Pensacola, Florida and am new to California. I moved here with my fiancé who is in the military. We are loving it so far despite the restrictions with COVID. Working for Dr. Chadkewicz challenges me everyday and makes me better at the job I do which translates to my everyday life. I am a mom to two awesome kids and a dog mom to three dogs. Some hobbies that I enjoy are being outdoors, hiking, running and camping. I look forward to seeing all of you and meeting you at the office!"

Anahita Zarei

Dental Assistant

"Hi! My name is Ana Zarei and I work as a Dental Assistant for Dr. Chadkewicz. As a pre-med student, I love working with patients and meeting new people. I also enjoy going to the beach, morning yoga, and being around friends and family. I hope to stay in California to further my education and career in the coming years as I start my undergraduate degree. Working here at Dr. Chadkewicz's office is amazingly enriching and fun! Our staff are extremely welcoming and kind, and it is an honor to be a part of Dr. Chadkewicz's Dental Team, especially as our youngest member!"

Tara Tebanian

Dental Assistant

"Hi! My name is Tara and I work for Dr. Chadkewicz as a Dental Assistant. I am originally from Iran and moved to the United States about 7 years ago in order to continue my education and become a Dentist one day. Currently I am majoring in Human Biology at UCSD and taking the Pre-Dental pathway toward my goals. I love working for Dr. Chadkewicz because she is a very friendly, kind, patient and an inspirational individual where I get to learn new things from her everyday. She is a great role model and someone who you can rely on.

Besides my love and passion for the field of dentistry, I enjoy art and music where I paint or play the piano in my free time. I am super excited to meet each and everyone of you!"

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